Blogtober Failure

So here we are on the evening on October 31st and I'm writing what should have been my 5th or 6th post for the month, but is instead the 3rd for this month. Despite the enthusiasm displayed in the tweet above to finish strong this month, I'm going to end this one short of the goal … Continue reading Blogtober Failure

EUC Panels

Following up on my comments in my post on EUC Explore Minneapolis 2017 I wanted to discuss panel discussions of End User Computing and highlight a couple of recent panels I've been able to attend. Conferences, User Groups, and Webinars all have a variety of formats, but one format I’ve found I really like for … Continue reading EUC Panels

Download Location for Windows Device Console (devcon.exe)

If you get deep enough into dealing with device issues on Windows you'll eventually run into references to the command line Windows Device Console, otherwise known as devcon.exe. This can be an especially handy tool for working with devices on Windows, especially if you need to do so in an automated process. VMware KB 1179 … Continue reading Download Location for Windows Device Console (devcon.exe)